Nepal Children Welfare Association

Nepal Children Welfare Association (NCWA) is established in 2000 to support abandoned, orphan, destitute and other helpless children by providing shelter, education, medical care and vocational training so that they can be good and self-dependent citizens of Nepal.

It is a Non-Governmental, non-political and equal opportunity organization registered in NCWA District Office (Reg.503) & affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC) Aff.No.11656 with following objectives.

  • Children who are very poor, helpless, deserted from parents and relatives, shall be kept in the NCWA.
  • Children with poor financial status, without parents or mentally ill and without relatives for their well being, will be kept in NCWA.
  • To provide education free of cost up to 10 and give vocational training in order to make them self-reliant. Children, who lost their parents in the natural disaster, will be kept in the Home.
  • It shall be the total responsibility of NCWA to provide health care and other facilities to the children as mentioned above.

Description of NCWA

NCWA Some Children voice was set up 2002 as a response to the needs of street children living in NCWA. NCWA believes that the potential of every child is limited only by the education, love and opportunities we can give them. Also by delaying entry into the labor force and acquiring schooling, children would be likely to become more productive, earn more, be better able to control their lives and become healthier.

NCWA's mission is "to reach out to vulnerable and neglected street children and, through education, enable them become whole human beings and self-reliant, responsible, contributing citizens."

We believe in empowering street children with the gift of education that seeks to emulate Mahatma Gandhi's vision of "drawing out the best in the child - body, mind and spirit." Jesus Said "When the disciples of Jesus rebuked children when Jesus saw it, He was greatly displeased and said to them, Let the little children come to me and do not forbid them, for such is the Kingdom of God" " Mark 10:13-14."

Change of the Orphan's Life

Sunita, Ranjita and Anu when they came to NCWA.
As they are now.


NCWA reaches out to street children (ages3-14), currently at Bus Stations. The children learn the reading, writing and arithmetic and also positive values of love, friendship and honesty through songs, games, stories and play-acting. In addition, they learn life skills such as responsibility, regularity, hard work, perseverance and a sense of duty and service. Vocational, income-generating skills taught include screen-printing, tailoring, and making stationary, computer literacy and decoration of divas. These children are also taught how to save money in a bank!

So far, many children have participated in various educational programs organized by NCWA. Some children are enrolled in Municipal/Private schools.
It comprises people from various walks of life, who have been directly or indirectly working for the upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden in and around Nepal since the last 3 years.

Given the possibility of a multiplicity of activities it would need to undertake for the purpose, NCWA would initiate and foster the evolution of community-based organizations from among the people. NCWA also support other local level institutions like local NGOs, schools, formal or informal groups of teachers and other skilled people that would come together to join hands with us in the realization of our goals. We shall impart appropriate skills to them to make them effective in handling the processes of developing themselves, their own communities and organizations.

At present, in NCWA, there is an active group of four full time employees and some volunteers, the present Secretary and four other people handling the NCWA.

How you can support us to change lives

NCWA welcomes to all the interested individuals and the organizations that are willing to share their financial and other support to change the life of the children forever.

The Budget for the children of NCWA.

Over US$ 60 per month is required for a child. This amount includes house rental, food, school fees, staff salaries, teaching materials, office stationery, utilitie, communications and others. For 30 children we need over US$ (30X60) = US $ 900 per month.

Support for Feet Ministries of Nepal comes from the gifts of our members and friends. For making a gift, please make account pay cheque designated "Krishna Bahadur Pariyar" for Feet ministries of Nepal. Or

Direct bank wire transfer:

Account Name
Krishna Bahadur Pariyar
Account Number
006 0033 458 0013
Bank Name
Himalayan Bank Ltd, Patan Branch, Nepal
BIC (Swift Code)
Account Name
Krishna Bahadur Pariyar

NCWA Cultural Program
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NCWA Students Dancing
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Children of NCWA at 2003
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Children with Uncle Krishna
NCWA Girls in Sari
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